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Stewartville High School Camps
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Southeast Minnesota Blocking Camp

We will be hosting the Second Annual Southeast MN Blocking camp at Stewartville High School this summer. (Similar to the famous Buck Nystrom Blocking camp.)  We hosted over 30 athletes from almost 10 different schools last summer and it was a great camp! We are looking to continue to build on that experience this summer!

25 year veteran offensive line coach Jay Stanley from Menomonie, WI will be the instructor of the camp and will be assisted by several other varsity coaches. Coach Stanley has helped run this camp for over 25 years in Northwest WI and has received rave reviews from the many players and coaches who have attended. Coach Stanley is one of the best instructors of blocking in all of high school football. His great attention to detail and getting players to understand the importance of angles and leverage is one of the many reasons he is able to produce great offensive lines year in and out at Menomonie High School. His step by step progression that he learned from working with Buck Nystrom for over 25 years is the best taught blocking progression of any blocking technique in the high school game. There is no question your players will come out of this camp with a great understanding of what it takes to be consistent & successful in all types of blocking. Coach Stanley will spend time with all the techniques & levels of run blocking as well as pass blocking. I also encourage your coaches to attend. You are more than welcome to take video and notes to take back and implemet with your program.
July 17th

Grades: 9th - 12th, Boys
Time: 5:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Cost: $50 (Includes T-Shirt)

Registration Deadline: June 15th
*Register for grade based on Fall 2019

Location: Stewartville High School – Meet in the High School Gym to start which is located to the right after you walk inside the front doors.

What to Bring:  NO PADS or HELMETS!  Work out clothing (shirt and shorts), mouth guard, and football cleats or gym shoes in case it is lighting and storming, as we would be inside in the high school gym for camp if bad weather forces us in.

*** Coaches are welcome and encouraged to attend and watch Coach Stanley work with your athletes, you are welcome to video as well as take notes.

Mail-in registration forms are available. Please contact Garrett Mueller for more info.


Garrett Mueller | Phone: 507-533-1509 | Email: